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Seventy-five per cent of people make a purchasing decision after consulting social media. Because it is a critical point of contact for clients in both industries, B2C and B2B enterprises interact with professional social media management companies.

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Digitalmato should be your first pick if you intend to employ social media management services. As a business partner, we will collaborate with you to boost brand awareness, customer loyalty, and revenue. Explore our service packages and tariffs to see how (and why) our social media management services are the best. Do you have any reservations? Fill out our online form or call +91 8709822926 to contact our digital marketing specialist.
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Social Media Management services


  • Unique social media postings
  • Images made to order
  • Design of cover and profile photos
  • Setup and improvement of social media networks
  • Audit of social media accounts
  • Brand reputation analysis
  • Improved post-ad management
  • Comprehensive competitor analysis
  • Social strategy based on data
  • Account manager for social media
  • Daily monitoring of social media
  • Consultations once a month
  • Monthly reports that are transparent
  • Marketing technology that is cutting-edge
Posts created from scratch

For use on social media

Bring in new subscribers to your profile or keep current ones hooked with unique posts created specifically for your business. The amount of posts made for your social media accounts by your dedicated social media specialist each month ranges from 15 to 75. (based on your package). No post will be published until it has been approved by a team member.

Setting up and optimizing

Social media network

You may start your social media marketing strategy with adjusted social media profiles. Even if you’re new to social media, your company’s social media manager can assist you. This account will be totally controlled by your company.

thorough examination

Of the Competition

You’ll receive unprecedented insight into your competitors’ online performance by leveraging the knowledge of your dedicated social media professional. We can discover your rivals’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as prospective development areas for your firm, so you can create the most successful campaign possible.

information-driven approach

To social media strategy

Get a customized, data-driven social media marketing campaign strategy. Your dedicated social media specialist can create a strategy that meets your objectives by utilizing cutting-edge marketing technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.


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